Parameter Type Value Info
Heating Power kW 81.1 B0W35
Rated Power kW 20.2 B0W35
СОР - 4,0 B0W35
Compressor Type Scroll -
Compressors qty pcs 2 -
Connections inch 2" -
Water flow m3/h 13.42 -
Delta heating °С 7 B0W35
Source flow m3/h 15.28 -
Source delta °С 3 B0W35
Hot Inlet °С +15/+45 -
Hot Outlet °С +25/+55 -
Source inlet °С -5/+15 -
Source outlet °С -8/+12 -
Wotking current А 59.6 -
Running current А 200.6 -
Operating voltage V 3х400 -
Frequency Hz 50 -


Dependence on heating temperature
Efficiency Graph
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Heat Pump Description

Geothermal heat pump (ground water, brine water) with a thermal capacity of 90 kW (at 0 ° C from the ground and +35 ° C on heating) has modes of heating, cooling, hot water preparation. Heat pump of this capacity can heat/cool a small building or room from 850 m2 to 1200 m2, depending on the type of building (house, room), heating system technology (floor heating, radiators, convectors), thermal insulation, the location of the building (on a hill, lowland) and other design features.
This model is available in single or double-Compressor version (45+45 kW), it is also available with 380V mains supply (only double-Compressor version), the heat pump is started in unloaded mode, which makes the start more soft and gentle. The system is equipped with copper-soldered plate heat exchangers made of food-grade stainless steel and has 30% more plates than the design need to operate in a very wide range. Adjustment is carried out by the electronic expansion valve, control and automation on the basis of the controller on the basis of the CPU with high productivity, control panel color touch screen display size 4.3 inch. There is a possibility of external control, you can also control another device. In addition, high pressure and low pressure pressure pressure gauges are installed for the operative control of the system status. The presence of the sight glass allows to observe the processes inside the Refrigerant circuit. Scroll Compressors used in this system are designed for operation in heat pumps and have high Efficiency. More detailed information about the principle of operation of the heat pump, varieties and other features can be found here:

Geothermal source

Vertical loop

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    Geothermal heat pumps (they are also called ground source water heat pumps, brine water) use geothermal heat energy accumulated in the bowels of the earth as a source of heat energy.
    A vertical loop probe is recommended for better heat transfer and more reliable operation of the system.
    Vertical probe is a heat exchanger made in the form of a double bend U-shaped pipe, which is located in a well with a diameter of 130-150 mm. The maximum depth of one drilled well is 100 m - 120 m. The amount of energy required for the heat pump depends on the heat demand, which determines the number and depth of wells.
    Minimum distance between wells is 5 m. Minimum distance from wells to heating objects is 5-10 m. Thermal capacity per 1 m of the well is calculated by the composition of earth rocks.

Ground Source Heat Pump

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